Current Child Studies

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Learning in two Languages – Virtual Study

We are learning about how 4-5 year old children develop their language skills. Help us to learn more about bilingualism and language development!

Who is eligible?

Bilingual 4-5  year old children who speak English and Spanish and are either typically developing or with language impairment.

What does participation involve?

Participation includes four 60-75 minute visits over Zoom scheduled at your convenience. Children play engaging computer games,  standardized assessments of language and thinking skills. Parents complete questionnaires, parent-child interactive activities with toys and help facilitate testing.

Why participate?

Eligible participants receive:

  • Free language evaluation of English and Spanish language skills
  • Contact free, virtual experience
  • $15 for the first session, $20 for the second session, $25 for the third session, and $30 for the final session

Where does the study happen?

All of our children’s studies currently take place over Zoom from your home or other private space.

How do I get started?

Contact us:

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Adult and child using a laptop at a table.
Child using a tablet, seated on a couch.
Child using a laptop.

Current Adult Studies

En Español

The Language Acquisition and Bilingualism Lab is currently recruiting bilingual adults to participate in their research.

Eligible participants will complete one 2-hour session and will be paid for participation.

Currently, we are recruiting bilingual speakers of English and Spanish. If interested, please contact us at or call us at (608) 263-5764.

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LAB team members hosting an information booth.
LAB team members hosting an information booth.